Friday, November 9, 2012

Candy Tins (an inexpensive gift to share!)

We are having a neighborhood craft night tonight with some fun Christmas ideas.  I thought I would share some of the projects we are making.

First, are these darling candy tins.  They end up costing only about $2.50 each.  They are great for neighbors, teachers, visiting teachers, etc.  So simple to make, but I will give details for those of you who enjoy all the measurements.
Items needed:

1 tin, 12 Hershey Nuggets, scrapbook paper, string, jingle bells, glue stick, paper cutter

FYI I bought the tins at Paper Mart they are number 6517060P, and $1.04 each.

Step 1: Cut paper to 1 inch by 3 ½ inch strips (12 strips total.)
Step 2: Wrap one strip around each candy, gluing at the bottom.
Step 3: Place candies in tin, close lid.

Step 4: Cut (1) 2 ½” by 10” strip of paper, wrap around tin and glue.
Step 5: Cut (1) 1 ½” by 10” strip of paper and wrap and glue over other paper.
Step 6: Cut a large piece of string (about 3 feet) and wrap it around paper.  Add bells and tie.

Perfect for a Super Saturday, right?

Project originally found here at Kerry's Paper Crafts.