Monday, April 18, 2011

Bathroom Art

Many of you have heard I am re-doing my bathroom.  So when I saw these signs in the Land of Nod catalog I HAD to copy cat.   
Here's my version:
Here is your sneak peek at my bathroom, too!
TEETH isn't centered vertically.  I did that on purpose, but it drives my husband crazy!
Their versions
All I did was take canvas, paint it, and apply vinyl cut from my Silhouette.   I was a little nervous applying the vinyl to the canvas.  It stuck just fine.  The red is Cricut brand, but the other colors are Silhouette.  My only problem was getting the letters perfectly straight and aligned.  I wish the Silhouette people would print lines on their transfer paper.  hint hint. In case anyone is wondering, I used medium yellow Folk Art acrylic paint and Sherwin Williams Riverway (the same color as my newly painted cabinets).  See my paint post here.    I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and you can't beat the price!  $5 for 3 canvases at Jo-Ann's and about $5 for the red vinyl (with a coupon.).  That's it!  Not bad compaired to $89 a piece at the Land of Nod. I was going to wait to post this with the rest of my bathroom, but with the big I Heart Nap Time event going on, I thought I would jump into the party!

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