Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tutorial - Flip Flops made cute! (It's that time of year!)

All we wear  during the summer is flip flops.  We buy them in bulk.  :)  Ainsley, my 10 year old) and I decided to bling up those flip flops a bit to make them a bit more fun.
Items needed: Flip flops (obviously!) ribbon in various sizes felt E-6000 (You could try a glue gun, but no promises!) Optional:  Any bling you have lying around Step 1:  Glue the ends of the first ribbon together into a circle.  This would be the largest ribbon. Step 2:  Glue the ends of the 2nd ribbon into a circle.  Middle size ribbon. Step 3:  Glue the two together.
Optional step 4: I glued a string of rhinestones on.  If you look at the bottom of this post, you will see I did another pair differently. Step 5:  Wrap a smaller ribbon around the ribbons and the shoe, gluing it together on the bottom.  Hold it in place here for a minute until it dries a bit.
Step 6:  Cut a small piece of felt on the bottom if you have sensitive feet.
We also threw a large rhinestone on top for good measure. That's it!!  Super cute!!
We also did a pair of patriotic flip flops.  Love them!

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