Sunday, July 31, 2011

Accessories when they are too old for “flower Clips”

Being a tween is tough.  You want so badly to be older, yet you are only ten.  My 10 year old just won't wear  those cute flower hair clips any more.  Nor will she wear rosettes, bows, or girly headbands. Enter "the bobby pin."  It all started when I bought these from Pick your Plum.
 This prompted much begging for a trip to JoAnns to buy some more buttons (which happened to be 50% off.)  Now, being a tween may mean you can't wear hair flowers, but apparently it doesn't mean you can't wear food.  Especially treats you love such as candy and ice cream.  And Bacon.  Oh, how my 10 year old loves bacon.  She made bacon out of shrinky dink paper and glued that on a bobby pin and some earrings, too.
We bought some earrings, too.  They were under $3 for 24.  All we did was clue the on using E-600.
Super fun, super cheap and best of all, happy girls!

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