Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Super Saturday: Bottle Cap Magnets

A few of you asked me to share how we made these cute magnets at our Super Saturday, so of course!

Now this project was actually done by Jen from Jen's Brain Things.  I have used some of her pictures, as well, with her permission (of course!)

Items needed:
Bottle Caps
3d Epoxy domes
scrapbook paper

First:  Buying the materials.

Bottle caps can be found SUPER cheap.  They are all over, but Aunt Christy's is 100 for $3.95.
The 3D epoxy dome stickers are 100 for $9.95.  Not quite as cheap as the bottle caps, but not bad.  Those were also at Aunt Christy's.  I linked the actual item for you in case you want to check them out.
They sell all this at the craft stores, but they are super crazy expensive there.
Hobby Lobby stickers 24 for 2.99.  (OK not too bad.)
Hobby Lobby bottle caps 24 for 9.99 (Yowzers!!!)
Also, the pre-flattened bottlecaps can be found at bottle cap co, but they are $14 for 100.  Any color. (even cheetah.)  And the price goes down with quantity with free shipping over $25.

Magnets seemed to be strongest and cheapest at Hobby Lobby.  50 for $6.99.  Now Michaels are same price and the magnets look identical, but they weren't as strong.  JoAnn's didn't have any large packs at all.

Second:  Tools!!
Jen has this cool tool called a cuttlebug.  I'm not sure of another way around this.  Maybe run it over with your car?  lol.  If you are reading this Jen, let us know!
1 inch circle paper punch
hot glue gun

Ready?  Let's go!

First, take your cuttlebug and run the bottlecaps through.  If you want a detailed description of how, go here.  (Or buy the preflattened bottlecaps!!)

Next, punch out your paper circles.

Place them on the bottle cap.
Add the sticker.  If you check out Jen's tutorial, you will notice she used a glaze instead of the stickers.  But trust me - the stickers are so much easier.  And if you are working on a large scale, they don't need drying time which is a BIG DEAL!

Use a glue gun to glue the magnets on the back.  If you have E6000, that is a good option, as well.

Done!  So easy!!

Jen did some cute YW values magnets I thought I would show you, as well.

Then she put them in a gift card tin.  So cute!

Thanks Jen for letting me share your Super Saturday craft today!
And for those of you wondering how the cute picture frame things were made, tutorial found here at Shanty2Chic.


Sankat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sankat said...
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Sankat said...

I'm a dunce and should have read the post better before commenting, haha. Thank you for posting this! I want to make some.

Sims Family said...

Thanks Kat! I revised it to say bottlecaps instead of magnets. And yes, 1" punch. :)

Jen said...

I know you told me you were posting this... apparently I forgot. Gah! Great tutorial. And no, i don't think running the caps over with your car will work because it will FLATTEN the cap and not just roll back the edge. I might be wrong I haven't actually tried it yet. If i do, I'll let you know.

Jen said...

one more note... don't just "place" the circles on the bottlecaps. You have to GLUE them to the bottlecaps.


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