Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little love for Brazil (and a recipe!)

Do you know what is going on right now in Brazil?  It's Carnaval!  It's the most famous holiday in Brazil!  I thought I would share some Brazilian love today, some thoughts and a great recipe!

Do you know why they celebrate carnaval?  Lent is coming - a time for abstaining and repenting before Easter.  So hurry and get all your sinning and craziness in now!

I remember a few things about carnaval.  Men dressed like women, dancing in the streets, mostly.

This is carnaval in Natal.  I lived there for a while and loved it.
image via wikipedia

This is in Recife, a place I also lived.  I remember the big chicken!
image via google images
I have a great friend I met in Recife, named Damiana.  I told her I was going to do a post on Brazil and asked her to share a favorite recipe.  This girl is amazing and beautiful.  I miss her! Every time I went to her house she, her sister and her mom would make us yummy food.  And they would giggle at my portuguese.

Is she not the cutest thing?

So, if your husband, brother, sister, parents or even yourself went to Brazil and you want to surprise them with a fun and simple recipe to bring them saudades (make them miss it), here is one for you.

Supresa De Uva (Grape Surprise!)

grapes (about 20)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 Tablespoon butter
about 1/4 cup sugar

Pour sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan with butter.  You can add a few drops of food coloring, if you want.  Damiana likes it white, so I took her advice.  I like it white, too!  Cook on low heat, stirring constantly until it is think and doesn't stick to the pan any longer.  It took me about 12 minutes.  I know this sounds odd, but you will know when it's time.  It just literally feels more like peanut butter all of a sudden.
see how thick it is?

Plop (isn't that a great word?) it on a plate with granulated sugar on it.  This will keep it from sticking to the plate.  Let it cool.

Take a small amount in your fingers and flatten it.  Put the grape on it and roll it in your hands, making a ball.

Roll it in a little more sugar for a pretty texture.  That's it!  These are so delicious!  I broke my no-sugar rule for a minute and was so glad I did!  


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