Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day - what we will be eating!

I love love love having special food for Valentines Day.  My kids get so giddy with excitement wondering what they will find in their lunch boxes, and what fancy dinner we will have.

I found a few ideas around the web I would like to spotlight.  This is most likely what we will be eating tomorrow.


Found HERE

If you pull out the stem of the strawberry instead of cutting it (like they did here) it looks more like a heart.  And we will most likely be having strawberry milk with our breakfast!


If you haven't seen all the fun Valentines lunch box ideas at Lisa Storms website, hurry over there before tomorrow!


found here

We usually go fancy schmancy.  It's the one day a year.  But I think we will have twice baked potatoes.  It's the kids favorite!  Probably these with a little turkey bacon added and (of course!) greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

How about you all?  Any special meals planned for tomorrow?


Chrissy said...

This all looks really yummy!! I am hoping my little guy isn't sick so I can do something special for them.

Lytles said...

Thanks for the ideas! I will be using them!

marissa said...

oh yum and so pretty. I'm your newest linky follower I hope you'll stop by and do the same