Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cutest onesie ever (4th of July baby shower gift)

My youngest is now 3, so I don't have any more babies to make fun things for. When I was invited to a baby shower I was so excited to make this idea that was floating around in my head!  Inspiration from here and here. Materials needed: onesie Red ribbon (I used grossgrain, but anything washable would work) blue fabric coordinating thread Step 1:  Measure your ribbon to three times the size of the ruffle you want
Step 2:  Sew (with matching thread) a line down the middle of your ribbon.  Pull one thread to gather into a ruffle.
Step 3:  Use fray check on ends or use a match to melt the ends.  Be careful not to burn the ends or catch them on fire.  ;)
Step 4:  Pin the ruffle across the bum of the onesie.  Don't go through both sides!  I am not a pinner.  I HATE pinning, but it really needs to be done with this.  Trust me.
Step 5:  Sew the ruffle onto the onesie. Step 6:  Repeat with 2 smaller ruffles.
Step 7:  Measure out a piece of fabric to about twice the size of where you want it to go.
Step 8:  Sew a line down the middle, just like with the ribbon.  Pull one thread, just like with the ribbon. Step 9:  Pin onto onesie.
Step 10:  Sew around edges. Step 11:  Using your seam ripper, take out the middle seam you originally made.  This will give it the cute ruffled look.
That's it!  So cute!
I also made a cute ruffle for the front and a matching hair clippie.
Then, I rolled them up and tied with a ribbon.
I also added this cute onesie.   I found the idea on the Silhouette blog, using heat transfer.  Cute!!

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Michelle Paige said...

Seriously cute! Perfect for a summer baby! Thanks for linking this up to my Red, White, Blue & You Holiday Link Party!

Michelle Paige said...

Thanks again for linking up! I'm sharing your onesie tomorrow on my blog.