Friday, May 20, 2011

Teachers End of the Year Gift: Personalized Clock (with some bling)

With next week being the last week of school (yay!) I wanted to give the teachers a little gift to say thanks for a great year.  I saw these clocks and decided to make them my own style.  The great thing about this project is it can be used for any gift, really.  I am picturing a cute baby gift with the name and birthday on it.  Or a fathers day present for dad's office with a more masculine touch.  Lots of possibilities!  Best part:  only $3.99.  Yes, you heard me right.  $3.99!
Time it took for project: 1st project was 1 hour.  2nd and 3rd were 15 minutes.  Hopefully my pictures and steps will save you some time. Supplies needed: -clock from target.  These are only $3.99  They have these in every color. -Scrapbook paper (we all have some laying around, right? -Any embellishments wanted.  I used some old rhinestones I had lying around and some vinyl cut with my Silhouette, but stickers would work or you could simply print it with your printer! -glue stick
Part 1: Taking apart the clock
Step 1: Remove cardboard. Honestly, I felt so dumb.  I was trying to cut off the cardboard, etc.  Oops. There are these little screws for a reason.  Remove them.
Step 2: Push the tab in with a flathead screwdriver or a knife or something to pop off the plastic cover
This is what you will have Part 2: Clock face
Trace around the plastic cover and cut out circle.  Cut on the inside of the circle so it is a little smaller.
Cut out a small hole in the center.  Cut a line about 1 1/2 inch coming out of the circle.  This is necessary to get the hands of the clock through the hole.  
Test the paper before you glue it to make sure it fits.  Put the 3 hands through the hole and carefully put the ends in through the slit you cut.  Mine was a little too big, so it was a good thing I checked.  Trim it down if you need to.
Using a good, acid free glue stick, glue the heck out of the clock face
Slip the paper back on.  Looks great so far!
Part 3: Embellish
Using e-6000, I glued some rhinestones on to bling it up a bit.
I also used vinyl letters and numbers
But ewwww!  Look how horrible the middle looks!  My other two did NOT have that problem.  To fix this, I cut and extra  "o" out of vinyl, and put it around the center.  FIXED!
Be sure to stick a battery in and make sure it works right before you put the cover on.  I had troubles with my "B" clock.  I had to play with and adjust the hands a bit.  Whew!  I almost had to fork out another $3.99 for a new clock!  (wink) Pop the cover  on and Finished!
Here are the other two I made.  I love them!


Stitch a Wish Designs said...

I LOOOOOVE these!!! What an awesome idea and I am totally going to do these for the end of the year!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

Love your blog and this project - so creative and fun and such a great gift to get! Just wanted to let you know I featured it in my roundup of clock re-dos and makeovers here. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist