Monday, May 16, 2011

How to: install shelves on board and batten and more secrets from my bathroom redo

Remember this wall?  I promised I would show you how easy it was to install the shelves, but for some reason blogger was down last week.  Better late than never, right?
Below is the picture of the wall after we nailed the 3" boards to the wall.  In case you are wondering, NO it isn't real wood.  It is pre-primed fake wood.  :)  It looks so real, though.  There are a couple of other thoughts I wanted to share with you, as well.  For example, when we took off the baseboards to install the floor, they were unusable.  It seriously destroyed them.  So we decided to use the same "wood" for the new baseboards.  I have to say, I like it better.  Also, I would recommend painting the wall and boards before you put them up. I think it would be REALLY difficult to do it all after.
First step is to nail the same 3" board directly on top of the top rail.  We borrowed a nail gun from a neighbor and it was SO worth it.
Next, we purchased some crown molding.  This was even less like real wood.  In fact, it kind of melted when we cut it.  I guess it's kind of a plastic?  But it definitely looks like wood.  This molding gave it such a nice touch!
Doesn't my hubby look young?  We were at a soccer game and someone asked me who the younger man I was with was.  HAHA!    He'll never let me forget that one!
Next, we just used a ton of spackle and caulking.  And that was it! We thought we would do this bathroom in one weekend.  I'm being real.  It took like 3 weeks!  I felt so bad we had someones miter saw and air compressor that long!  But it was worth it because the bathroom is just gorgeous. Helpful hint for painting cabinets:  I did NOT remove the cabinet doors.  I just taped the hinges and had at it.  Saved me tons of time.  Also, using the Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer means no sanding.  Just clean and dry the cabinets.  Since it was a full gallon, I have a TON left over.  Definitely enough for my kitchen when I get ambitious enough.  And I did use a Minwax rub-on Poly that I already owned after I painted the color on. Another helpful hint.  If you plan on installing knobs (like I did!) similar to Shelley at House of Smith's, make sure you remind your husband BEFORE he puts the panels on the wall.  Because he may NOT remove the "wood" and may just tell you to deal with it.  Even if you bought some super cute knobs at a boutique up the street and can't take them back. Here was the cost breakdown: FLOOR:  antique hickory laminate flooring from Costco - $39/box.  It took 3 boxes.  Also needed was the $10 black waterproof underlay and a $10 laminate floor pull bar from Lowes (total about $140) PAINT:  $35 for the cabinet primer from Sherwin Williams, $5 each for 4 different color to go sample from Sherwin Williams (total $55)
HARDWARE:  $3.50/per knob or handle from Lowes (Total of  about $25) DOOR KNOBS: $20 a piece at Lowes (total of $20) WOOD PANELING: about $75 (or maybe a little less.) Knobs that my husband wouldn't put in:  $14.  Wasted. Ways to save money: 1.  Borrow tools if you don't have them.  I was surprised how many of my friends have things like miter saws and air compressors. 2.  Use the paint samples from Sherwin Williams.  You can't beat the $5! 3.  Try using or a similar site to get a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot.  I won a $50 credit from A Little Tipsy (yeah, I know.  I win a lot.) and it really helped using that at Lowes! 4.  Recycle items you already own.  I planned on buying a new shower curtain, rings and rugs.  But then I remembered how expensive those items are!  And I don't think they look too bad!
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Your bathroom looks great. I love the cabinet color and the floors.

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