Monday, May 9, 2011

The Kids Finished Bathroom

 I am so excited to finally have bathroom #1 finished!
Here is a closer look at what my naughty one is doing while I am taking pics.
Do you love the walls?  I know there are a ton of tutorials out there on them, but later this week I will show you how we did the shelves.  My husband is pretty great!  Oh, and sign tutorial found here.
Here's a couple of befores:
This is the sub-floor after my little one flooded the toilet.  Yes, that is mold underneath.
 Here is the BEAUTIFUL linoleum.  So sad to see it go.  The cabinets are primed here...
But this was their original color.  Honey oak or whatever you want to call that builder grade beauty.
Total cost - under $300.  No JOKE!  I'll give you the low down with the shelf tute later in the week!  And did I mention the little one flooded my other bathroom, too?  Can't wait to show you that one.  We're going a little more modern in that one...grey's, silver and black. 


Stacy said...

Both your bathrooms turned out GREAT!!!

Kimbo Bimbo said...

Love it!

Laura from Top This Top That said...

I love your little signs. I know what I will be adding to my boy's bathroom!