Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trek Part 5: Personalized chapstick

Did you all know that packing tape is the same size as the chapstick container?  This makes personalizing it a cinch!
I simply googled Orange Paisley Bandana and found a background picture.  Went into Picmonkey and added text.  I made some for my friend, too, using a googled image of parchment.

I pasted a bunch of my finished photo onto a word doc and hit print.

Cut out, taped on.

I do think they would be a bit cuter if you took off the factory sealed top, but I decided to leave it on, anyway.  Now we have chapstick to give to all our kids on Trek!


Anonymous said...

Brittany and Ashley have said a few times they want you as their ma :)

Sankat said...

SO fun!! Your kids are going to love it!

This would also make a perfect Christmas gift or teacher gift.

Lytles said...

Love that idea!