Thursday, September 29, 2011

Block Party! (pinterest finds)

It's finally starting to cool off a bit.  Just a bit.  And we are having a block party this weekend!
Guess who is in charge of games for the kiddos?

Thank goodness for Pinterest.  They came to the rescue once again!

Here are some fun Fall games I found to help the kids enjoy the block party.

This looks SO fun, but I am a little unsure about kids and darts.

This is a definite YES!  Donuts are always worth the money!

Bowling could definitely be fun.  But I'm not sure I would use toilet paper.  Maybe make ghosts out of water bottles?

Bobbing for apples has always grossed me out a bit.  All that spit in one place?

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

Guessing Games are a hit for adults and teens, too.

This tossing game looks easy and fun.  I think it will make the cut!

So, do YOU have any tried and true games fun for a block party?

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Sankat said...

FUN!!! Those are all great ideas...except maybe the bobbing for apples :D