Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magnet Board (for a BOY!)

It seems so many of the cute projects we have these days are for girls.  Well, my son has some special papers and pictures he wants to hang up, too!  So I decided to make a super cute board, perfect for an 8 year old lego lover.
First, I found this picture frame for about $7.50 at the Good Will.
I thought it was a great buy, but when I got home and turned the frame around I found:
It was really an old cabinet front.
So, an idea formed in my mind.  First I got out the huge piece of sheet metal I am planning on using later for my command center.  The big huge sheet was about $15 at Lowes.
I measured it and cut it with some tin snips I borrowed from a neighbor.
Then, using Gorilla glue, I glued it on the front of the cabinet/frame.
the heavy stuff I used to hold it down.
Now, if you ask my husband, Gorilla Glue isn't really glue.  He hates the stuff.  So, just to be safe and make sure the hunk of metal doesn't come crashing down on my son in the future, I used some cute decorative nails in the corners.  These are like $2 a package from JoAnns and I used them for hanging my curtains into the wall.
While this was sitting and drying, I grabbed some E-6000 (the REAL glue!) and glued some flat lego pieces onto some magnets.
You have got to let these dry for about 24 hours.  Trust me!

And voila!  A super happy 8 year old and a cute magnet board!
Now, as an added bonus, here is a cool trick my lego loving boy instantly did with his magnet board.
First, he added a small lego to the magnet to make a "shelf."
Then he stuck his little dude on there for what he calls "figurine of the day."  Fun!

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Ashley said...

So cute! Love the figure of the day. What a fun kid you have.

Jessica said...

Great idea and a very nice tutorial. Thanks!

JACK's house said...

Oh man....Justin would LOVE that! (anyway you would be willing to make one for me? I d pay you for it!) I m not amazing like someone I know ;)

Lytles said...

Looks really great! God job!

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Love it! Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!


Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

I love this so much I featured it at this weeks Hookin Up with HoH party!

I'm also going to be pinning it!

Feel free to stop by and grab a button.


Allison @ House of Hepworths

Kristen said...

I love it - do the magnets scratch the board? Looks awesome!

Sims Family said...

The surface of the sheet metal is a bit mottled - so I don't think a scratch would so. Even so, I rubbed and pushed them around just to scratch test and they didn't scratch at all!

Crafting Rebellion said...

Thanks for this tute!