Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teacher Gifts

So maybe your kids are already out of school?  Mine aren't.  We go straight through tomorrow.  :{
So go ahead and pin this idea and use it later!  :)

I decided to combine a few different ideas we used for the super saturday activity to give to the teachers.
I came up with these:
Magnet board picture frames!
To start, I used some wood cut about 10x6.  To be honest, I bought this wood planning on making some larger magnet boards for wedding presents, but bought the wrong size wood!  So I reused this wood.

I also used these bases (2 for .99 at hobby lobby)
candle cups (6 for 2.99 at HL) and finnials (3 for 1.47 at HL) and keep in mind these can be cheaper with coupons.
I also used the metal sheets and decorative nails from Home Depot.  Info found here.

First I painted everything.
Then I sanded it to distress it a bit and added the metal.
I would suggest adding any vinyl lettering now, before you glue everything together.
Then get out the good old E-6000 and glue everything together.
Allow them to dry at least over night!
And add a fun magnet with a personalized note for decoration!

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Jen said...

Turned out darling Miss Whitney! Hope they like them. Oh... and love the magnets :)

Bradshaw Family said...

Too bad you didn't post this idea earlier. I guess I could work on over the break and give it to the teachers when school starts back up. I'm a slacker! I didn't get anything made. :) This is a great idea! It's a good thing our kids don't have the same teachers. :)

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