Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - Favorite Projects

2011 was a great year!  I wanted to share my favorite projects from my first year of blogging.  Of course some of my favorites came from the good old blogging days of Turbo Bubblegum.  And although it was sad to say goodbye to that fun, I love Home Delicious.  So how about 3 from each?

The number 1 top project of 2011 (by far!!!) was:
Bathroom Art
I created these from the Land of Nod catalog for my kids new bathroom and they were a hit!
Number 2:
Healthy Chicken Taquitos
Have you tried these yet?  SOOOO good!
 Number 3:
Personalized Clock
I made these for end of the school year and the teachers LOVED them!
The number 4 project is:
Chore Chart
This is also my most pinned project! (and I still swear by it!)
Number 5:
Spooky Silhouettes
My kids loved these and the Thanksgiving silhouettes so much they wanted some for Christmas!  (I didn't do it, though.)
And the last project I will share of 2011 is:
Magnet Board for a Boy
I hope you had as much fun in 2011 as I did!  And here's to many more fun projects in 2012!

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Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

Those bathroom signs are fantastic! I'm pinning them now!

Claire said...

This looks amazing-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

Lauren said...

Those bathroom signs are freaking adorably cute but modern. LOVE them! Stopping by way of I heart Nap Time.